Search & Filter features

  • Query, start date, & end date search parameters
  • Retrieve 2,500 events at once
  • Filter based on title, location, & description
  • Case-sensitive toggle
  • Regular expression filtering
  • Multi-parameter selectors like quotes (exact matches), negative matches, and more
  • Time range filter
  • Filter events based on the time of day they occur (based on start time, end time, or both)
  • Duration filter
  • Recurrence filter

Editing features

  • Time, Location, & Description editors
  • Replace all
  • Append to beginning/end
  • Replace pattern (regex matching available)
  • Copy/Move
  • By an amount (earlier/later) with the option to just move the start time
  • To a specific Date
  • To another calendar
  • (Read-only calendars allow you to copy events to a different calendar)
  • Change duration
  • By an amount longer/shorter
  • To a specific amount (including all-day)
  • To specific start & end times
  • Change timezone
  • Optionally have separate start & end timezones
  • Delete events
  • Edit recurrence
  • Easy-to-use recurrence editor makes it simple to set the frequency, interval, & termination criteria for recurrence so even complicated recurrences (eg "Every 3rd Tuesday & Thursday for 5 times") are super easy
  • Edit guests (add/remove multiple guests by email)
  • Edit reminders (add email/popup reminders or remove remiders of a specific type)
  • Edit visibility (public/private/default/confidential)
  • Edit availability (available/busy)
  • Edit event color
  • Edit conferencing (add/remove Hangouts & Google Meet conferencing)

Recurrence editor


Event creation features

  • Use an existing event as a template
  • Variables allow counters like "Event 1, Event 2, etc"
  • Set a custom title, location, description, duration, & timezone for your events
  • Model week creator allows you to set up a week and replicate it to multiple weeks in the future (great for work/class schedules)
  • Save a model week to a file and load in again in a future session
  • Use sentence-like rules to quickly add a lot of dates (eg "every 3 days" or "every 2nd Tuesday")

Model week creator


  • Customizable tooltips (quickly see event details when hovering over the event list)
  • Optional regex for pattern replace
  • Use 'Ctrl + Enter' to trigger the default button on the current tab for quick editing
  • Dark/Light theme
  • Customizable defaults (timezone & calendar permissions)
  • Flexible retries allow you to expand the retry amount for poor internet connections
  • Optionally notify event guests of changes
  • Optionally only count business days when copying/moving events (eg skip weekends & holidays)
  • Easily report any issues or request features
  • Easily disconnect your Google Account
  • (Note that the program doesn't do anything without you telling it to, so this is more for peace-of-mind)

Upcoming features

To view, follow, and vote on upcoming features, visit the development board: